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34 rue Camille Pelletan
Tel.: +3256481021
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Manufacturer TREHOUT
Designer TREHOUT
Advertiser WONDERBOX
Type of display Floor stand with stocker
Distribution network Mass merchandisers - specialist stores
Quantity produced 715 units
Materials used Carton compact 2 mm, carton double micro cannelure, triple cannelure cbc, calages en cannelure c, calage et coiffe en bc + réglettes pvc
Dimensions (mm) Width: 728  Depth: 728  Height: 1720
Use duration 2 weeks
Target markets France - Italie - Belgique - Espagne - Suisse
The display had to offer a 360° exposure of the products. The Christmas season being highly competitive, a pyramid-shape has been chosen to catch attention in Point Of Sales.

Attention has been drawned to the finish aspects (UV varnish on all the surface, no visible flute spine, made-to-measure pallet completely invisible allowing the use of a forklift truck...).
Performance of the entry (strong points)
The material had to endure a breaking bulk by arriving empty to the logistician. We designed a block system lessening as much as possible the manipulation required for the filling stage. Then the material was shipped filled to the POS.

It contained nearly 190 boxes, for a weight of more than 100 kg. A resistant structure for a dynamic load during delivery was needed.