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34 rue Camille Pelletan
Tel.: +3256481021
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Manufacturer TREHOUT
Designer TREHOUT
Advertiser TIBELEC
Type of display Shelf display
Distribution network Specialist stores (Bricolage)
Quantity produced 50 units
Materials used Pvc expansť noir 3 mm / petg transparent 3 mm / PMMA miroir 3mm / vinyl
Dimensions (mm) Width: 350  Depth: 210  Height: 210
Use duration 52 weeks
Target markets France
Creation of a material intended for the "lightening" area of DIY stores.

Is was hanged on spindle in its shelf space.

It presents a technolkogical innovation of the announcer : a spot with an integrated transformer.

The customer had to be able to test for himself the finish of the spot once turned on and off.
Performance of the entry (strong points)
The challenge was to present the innovation located at the back side of the product (the integrated transformer). But in the shelf-facing, it was complicated to show the back side of the product. So we suggested to use a mirror inside the mateiral, so the customer can see and understand the advantage of this product.

A push button triggers the ligntning of the spot (plugged to the mains).