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Parc des Moulins 100 avenue Clément Ader
Tel.: 0320786961
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Manufacturer PILOTES PLV
Designer SEPHORA
Advertiser SEPHORA
Type of display Stocker - merchandiser
Distribution network Specialist stores (SEPHORA)
Quantity produced 350 units
Materials used Bois, métal, plastiques, LEDs
Dimensions (mm) Width: 2400  Depth: 316  Height: 1400
Use duration 208 weeks
Target markets EUROPE
Context & Actions
We favored FSC / PEFC certified fir. Despite the technical constraint of making the POS completely M1 (obligation on the part of the shopping centers), we managed to find an intumescent product without solvent, which classifies the wood, mostly present on this PLV, in wood B, which allows the recycle at the end of life.

The entire order is delivered to the warehouse, which optimizes truck filling and limits their number on the roads. This POS is made of 85% wood, the metal elements are referred to the wood structure, which allows to separate the elements easily. Each element is easily separable (assembles by casing or screws, no glued elements).
Advantages and special features
The CO˛ weight for 1 POS is 595 kg eq. CO˛ with the following breakdown : 12% materials and supply, 27% electrical components, 37% transportation, 22% use, 2% end of life.

Our calculations are based on the following databases : Product Review 2011 ADEME, Bilan Carbone V7, Ecoinvent 2.0 and 3.0. We use our own calculator that uses the databases mentioned above.

By using solid fir instead of MDF Lami.