• 24 to 26 March 2020
  • Porte de Versailles


An eco designed edition

The environnement has become an unavoidable issue for all Marketing at Retail players. In collaboration with the POPAI eco sustainable commission, teams, suppliers and partners, every one have been involved to think the next POPAI Awards Paris contact in an eco-responsible approach!
    -   An environnement logic for the settings, furniture, and signage
    -   Separate garbage collection and waste
    -   Choice of a low energy LED lights
    -   An environnemental approach even for the catering with bio products from fair trade.
The eco-responsibility even at the office!
    -   Responsible communication: dematerialization (internet, email, text messages) and recycled paper
    -   Collection and sorting of waste and papers
    -   Recycling of ink cartridges, used batteries and paper
    -   An environnemental ambassader: Laurence Gaborieau, POPAI Awards Paris Director.

Laurent Frayssinet
POPAI Awards Commission President

« The challenge for this edition was diverse: welcome the best achievements in terms of Marketing at Retail, sublimate them in this place of character and assert our position on eco sustainability. We want to show that an event, as well as projects presented, can be beautiful, effective from a technical and economical points of view AND environmentally friendly. »

Clémence Descours
Sustainable Development Project Manager

« Almost 10 years that eco design has been an essential issue at POPAI France, and we are celebrating now the third anniversary of our ECO POPAI label. This year, we want to set an example in terms of sustainable development, through a eco designed contest: significant reduction of waste, choice of a local and bio caterer... some actions that echo to the « eco-design category » and the 2019 novelty: the bonus point for POP eco desigend. It's the role of structure like ours to show strong signals of our commitment in this direction, which is essential for tomorrow, by highlighting the initiatives of our subscribers almost implicated in this effort, and by encouraging the implication of others. »

About Eco POPAI label 

Faced with consumers more and more attentive, and a regulation which is intensifiing, POPAI France has established an eco agreement and training to accompany in the development of POP more responsible. Resulting from a collaborative work between advertisers, manufacturers and expertise offices in eco design, the standard has been built to be adapted to requirements of advertisers and manufacturers.