October 5 - 7, 2021
Porte de Versailles - Pavilion 1

The Contest

The POPAI Awards Paris Contest

The reward for your most successful, creative and innovative achievements!


    -   An exhibition day to show your know-how to jury members and professionals who travel to grade or discover your achievements,
    -   A loyalty operation to strengthen the link with your customers,
    -   An opportunity to reward your teams's work.

The contest in 3 steps:

Who can enter?

• Producer, publisher and designer of POS materials
• Design and shop fitting agency
• Digital agency
• Merchandising professionals
• POPAI member or not POPAI member
• Brand
• From France and abroad. 

28 foreign companies in 2018 
• Or 30% of participants 
• 14 countries represented 


Did you know ? Cardboard represented 27% of the merchandising activity in 2018 (POPAI study - Marketing in sales point  in 2018). To enhance this material, the Contest innovates by covering a range of cardboard display from each business sector. The judges will appreciate the technical nature of all submitted projects through a new evaluation support, dedicated to this thematic.

  • POS Display



Automotive, Cycle, Oil products



Care, Hygiene, Hairstyle

Electronics and High-Tech

Events & Promotional operations



Health & Drugstore

Home & Garden

Publishing & Leisure


Single/Multiple product Line, Advertising campaign

Standard material & System

Technology & Innovation

Textile, Fashion, Sport

Wathmaking, Jewellery, Goldsmithing


  • Digitalisation of POS

Connected shop

Interactive / non interactive material and content

Interactive / non interactive content

Virtual immersion (virtual reality, augmented reality)


  • Safe shopping
  • Cardboard performance

Cardboard performance accessories

Cardboard performance automotive, cycle, oil products

Cardboard performance beauty

Cardboard performance beverage

Cardboard performance care, hygiene, hairstyle

Cardboard performance electronics & high-tech

Cardboard performance food

Cardboard performance fragrance

Cardboard performance health & drugstore

Cardboard performance home & garden

Cardboard performance publishing & leisure

Cardboard performance services

Cardboard performance services

Cardboard performance textile, fashion, sport

Cardboard performance wathmaking, jewellery, goldsmithing


  • Commercial furniture
  • Shop fitting


Single achievement

Multiple achievements


  • Merchandising concept deployment


Merchandising Concept Deployment in different points of sales

Deployment of a Consumer Activation with Sales Demonstration in different points of sales

The jury

Who are the jury members?

Brands and distributors working in marketing, communication, and merchandising... 

Allowing us to benefit from their market expertise, they will be the first to discover your creations! These experts are decision-makers and highly-qualified contacts.

Scoring criteria

The jury will mark each creation using criteria that are tailored to each category: 

• Design and aesthetic quality 
• Originality and innovation 
• Technical conception 
• Quality of fabrication 
• Suitability for the product 
• Suitability to the sales circuit 
• General impact and effectiveness 

The following thematics will be marked with very specific criteria: Shop fitting - Digitalisation of the point of sale  - Technology and Innovation - Standard Material and System - Cardboard performance - Merchandising Concept Deployment.

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