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The POPAI Awards is more than a competition. Its aim is not only limited to the giving of the awards but also to support the profession by promoting and recognising the excellence of all those involved.

To receive a POPAI Award, in a context of increasing competition, is to have an additional commercial advantage with advertisers. As is the case with exports, notably countries such as Great Britain, Italy or Germany, where POPAI is also present and organises national competitions.
Since the competition management went on line in 2003, more than 3500 materials were submitted! Today they make up the largest database of POS material. It is an invaluable information source and a real reference for all professionals in the sector.
Even before receiving an award, to participate in the POPAI Awards already enhances visibility. Taking part offers an opportunity to speak, from registration to nomination. Whatever stage you reach, do not hesitate to announce it to the press and to the market via press releases, an e-mail, on the internet etc.
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After that? Being nominated and receiving a gold, silver or bronze POPAI Award gives you recognition in relation to the market, the advertisers or your clients. Over and above this, it add value to the work done by your teams and rewards the client/manufacturer link.
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