POPAI Awards Paris 2018 - Présentation VISITEURS
Catégorie Édition & Loisirs
Nom du matériel Gravity Lifter Bastei Lübbe
Producteur Usables GmbH
Créateur Oliver Plantenberg
Annonceur Bastei Lübbe
Type de présentoir Animation de linéaire
Réseau de distribution Book stores
Marchés ciblés Children at the age of 12 - 15
Performance écologique Oui
Version française
Performance du matériel
English version
Magnets float over each other and carry a book dummy.
The floating grabs the attention.
Shelfs under the floating system offer space for the real books so that the customers can directly pick a book and move to the cash point.
Performance of the entry
It´s a single stand unit which can easily moved from one place to another, it can be placed near the cash point or in a special section.
Whereever it stands it will grab a lot more fascination.

The system is used for other books later on, so that there is a long time use and benefit from the system