POPAI Awards Paris 2017 - Présentation VISITEURS
Catégorie Soins
Nom du matériel Vichy Eiswagen
Producteur Deinzer
Créateur Deinzer
Annonceur L'Oréal
Type de présentoir Présentoir de sol stockeur
Réseau de distribution Pharmacies
Marchés ciblés Germany
Version française
English version
L'Oréal looked for a premium floor stocker to present their full range of Vichy sun protective products in pharmacies.
The display concept was designed to create a summer-related atmosphere in the pharmacy. The design should attract the shopper and remind him to buy his sun protective Vichy products for summer Holiday.
In Addition to this it was important to offer space to present the whole product range. Some Basic logistical requirements needed to be met.
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