POPAI Awards Paris 2017 - Présentation VISITEURS
Catégorie Électronique (consoles de jeu, photo, téléphone...)
Nom du matériel CASIO Action Camera Display
Producteur CASIO Computer
Créateur Best Project
Annonceur Masayuki Haramoto
Type de présentoir Présentoir de comptoir
Réseau de distribution Hyper-Supermarché
Marchés ciblés Mainly Japan
Version française
English version
Our Client, CASIO released a new product of FR series. It is an action camera you can use separate the lenses and the display body. The number of 360 degrees cameras increase. The features of this action camera are waterproof.
We devised a dome-shaped three-dimensional shape display to convey the panoramic feeling of 360 degrees horizontally shooting the whole sky. We printed underwater photographs making use of the waterproof function on the vacuum molded hemisphere. We devised so that customers can understand the features more intuitively at the stores.